COVID-19: Surviving the EVIL FOREST called ISOLATION CENTER in Lafia Nasarawa State.

This Thread is document the horror Isolated COVID-19 Patients go through at Lafia Nasarawa State Isolation center.

I am a Nigerian Lawyer, and my Journey to the Ghostly Eveil Forest called #COVID19Isolation center Lafia Nasarawa started when after having fever for days and losing my sense of smell and taste and having listened to NCDC many Media ads about #COVID19, I called the helplineOn Tuesday June 4th, I called NCDC Abuja and they told me, that they will contact me.

On 6th June, a Dr called me saying he is from NCDC Nasarawa and that’s because my house is at Abuja Keffi HighWay. He asked me to come to medical center for testing2 days later, I called the Dr and he informed me that I am #COVID19 Positive. By this time almost all the symptoms have disappeared, owing to some tumeric+ginger+ Garlic+ Honey homemade therapy, I have recovered my sense of smell and taste. I told the Dr butHe told me of how NCDC will take care of me at Keffi Isolation center and how I will recover in days. He asked that I come immediately for evacuation and I requested sometime to process the result and inform my family. Hours later, the Dr sent threat messages of how I will beArrested for delaying evacuation. My family had doubts about NCDC ability to take care of any real case of #COVID19 as caregiving is not something, Nigerian Medical Personnels are known for.

Dr assured me of how NCDC trained caregivers will take maximum care of meSo, on 7th June, my Journey to the Evil Forest began. I was Transported with another patient, a young Dr from New Karu in a broken ambulance blaring siren with its doors open. Midway through the journey, we got informed that we are heading to Lafia instead of Keffi The ambulance had just the driver who seems irritated. It’s claim to being an ambulance is tied to the poster on its body and the siren it was blaring. So we traveled 3+ hrs journey with the Ambulance door fully open, remnants of used medical syringes littered inside.When we arrived at the #COVID19 Isolation center in Lafia, We were taken to a Ghostly 👻 unkept building with protesting young women complaining of how #COVID19 is a fraud and how they have been abandoned to their fate by deceitful people without any help.

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