I Was Wrongly Quoted by Mischief MAKERS, Amb. Hussieni Coomassie Apologises to Nigerian Youth

Amb Hussaini Coomassie apologises to the nigerian youth pleads with them to give Buhari/ IGP Adamu a chance to implement their 5 point demands and reform the police accordingly.

I was wrongly quoted by mischief MAKERS, but all the same am sorry.

Yes I made mentioned of the use of soldiers to control the crowd to prevent miscreants & hoodlums from hijacking the process and inflicting pains on innocent NIGERIANS, afterall the fight is with the police so there is no way the police can be listened to in a situation like this. What happened in the past 3 days in kubwa, Lagos, Ekiti & Ogun has clearly vindicated me, my prophecy on the use of the word miscreants haijacking the protest has manifested, definitely i do not refer to the genuine protesters please, It may interest you to know that i once led a protest and I know how difficult it’s to control the youth in such a situation, I mean no harm.
It’s a pity the so called learned nigerians on tweeter & Instagram that I expected to understand my point, misquoted me for their selfish interest or hate for Buhari. All the same I’m sorry and my comment on the 6th video withdrawn immediately. Thank you


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