Open Letter to Gov Abdullahi Umar Ganduje

Your Excellency, I am very concerned about how Kantin Kwari and Dye pits in Kano are diminishing by the day. Our people are making less to live on than ever before and unfortunately some have shut down.

The Chinese for quite a time now have invaded Kwari market where virtually all the major establishments are now their brokers (little or no profit margin for the upcoming businesses). These people do not manufacture in Kano or Nigeria.

They manufacture from China and export finished products to Kano and distribute benefiting more than the citizens, (no job creation) taking back the fortune to their country meanwhile our people, have been blocked from their traditional way of buying and selling (import and sell)
The model doesn’t work anymore all thanks to poor market leadership and ineffective government trade policy imposed on foreigners. Now Indians are trooping in too, to have their slice of the market share in the same Kwari market.

Your Excellency, government must protect our people and their trade. Trading is Kano heritage and we can’t just sit back or do little about it. I am not against any foreigner to come and make a living in my country but Nigerians first.

A foreigner should not be allowed to dominate market share giving back very little. NO! We need new policies to protect our businesses that are feasible. The Kano dye pit is also in a sorry state as the Chinese have snatched the kampala trade.
Why wouldn’t there be a sense of advancement for the people that inherited and practicing it to keep on with their means of livelihood?
Your Excellency, this is a devastating period for our people practicing in the areas I mentioned. We need suitable policies.

Concerned citizen. Gratitude.
by Ahmed Yusuf

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