Tambuwal is my younger brother, I don’t talk about whatever he’s doing now – Senator Wamakko

The former Governor of Sokoto state, Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko said he doesn’t talk about Governor Tambuwal or whatever he has done or doing because he’s young and also his younger brother.

The Senator also reacted to the deportation of Almajiris saying he doesn’t believe it was the right thing to do because it’s a violation of their constitutional rights which every Nigerian child has the right to live anywhere he chooses to live.

Wamakko states this in an exclusive interview he had with Daily Trust on Sunday.

Senator Wamakko says what should have been done was for the government to learn how to manage them in a decent way as Nigerians.

“Let every state have a centre where they are being cared for. Let them be given the medical attention they required and let them be given the basic education they can get.

He said when he was a governor in 2008, they brought over 1,000 of almajiris together and built special Almajiri primary schools, where they taught both western and Islamic education at the same time.

“And they were also taught vocational skills. We were doing that because, when you see a child suffering on the street, it is not his fault.

“So, we tried to see how best we could help them to become reasonable citizens of this country by helping them to acquire both western and Islamic education to be self-reliant and also contribute to the development of the society.

When asked if he has any regret supporting Governor Tambuwal in 2015 who is on the other side today, he said, he doesn’t talk about Tambuwal or whatever he has done or doing now.

“I want the people of the state to talk about Tambuwal, not me. It doesn’t speak well of me talking about Tambuwal.

Wamakko says Tambuwal is his younger brother. “He is such a young man and he can make mistakes.”

As the Chairman Senate Committee on Defense, Wamakko also reacted to the negotiations the current Northwest Governors have with the bandits.

He said “I don’t believe talking to the bandits will solve the problems.

“I don’t believe in that. It will encourage more people to go into it because they will now see it as a business. They should not be spared. They should find way of dealing with them.

“They are criminals who have been committing atrocities and crimes against their country. They should be dealt with, according to the language of the law,” Wamakko added.

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