The Biggest Impediment to Nigeria’s Development is FRANCE.

Nigeria’s choice in an era of strategic competition between East & West is of strategic importance While Nigeria and China are not formal allies in the diplomatic sphere, the deepening of military relations between the two countries is real. Not just China, North & South Korea.

If Nigeria can maintain an advantage over France along its ECOWAS frontier and sustain its dominance in the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria’s efforts to deny France a regional sphere of influence are far more likely to succeed and the vision of a colonial free presence bright.

While secrecy in the Nigerian military has in the past encouraged corruption, it does have its merits. To create an environment beneficial to the great revival of an African power, Nigeria has concealed its capabilities to gain time and do what ever have to be done.

For Nigeria to escape from being just a demographic power and become a strong country continuous economic growth over a long period of time is important than anything else and an essential condition for a stable and peaceful regional environment. The enemy know this and have sought measures to curb Nigeria’s potential. First they sought to induce political and diplomatic distress between ECOWAS and restrain Nigeria. The biggest impediment to Nigeria’s development is FRANCE. I used to have a hard time understanding why despite overwhelming evidence of meddling and aiding and abetting terror, despite all the provocation Nigeria’s response has been silence. Now i understand why.

Nigeria has tried to avoid confrontation with France and promote a cooperative relationship in order to obtain maximum benefit and time. Nigeria has to exert efforts to build friendly relations with neighboring states so as to breakup any ”anti-Nigeria” coalition that the enemy must have planned. The U.S/France have tried to improve relations with anglophone Ghana, West Africa’s second largest economy in order to isolate Nigeria and curb its influence on other anglophone states. They have created a multi-lateral security cooperation mechanism in West Africa to put a check on Nigeria’s alliance network in the security sphere in ECOWAS. Ghana initially agreed to host a U.S military outpost and grant them access to its FM radio frequency, but public demonstrations in opposition forced the Ghanaian government to later reject playing host to the first foreign military base in an anglophone country.   There have been several high profile diplomatic visits to Ghana designed to shun Nigeria and make Ghana the voice of Anglophone West Africa,playing Ghana against Nigeria.

The whole aim for all this is to place restraint on Nigeria’s position as the pole with the strongest influence and to promote great power diplomacy. They have encouraged the membership of Morocco into ECOWAS to counterbalance Nigeria;s economic prowess in West Africa.

The fall of Sambisa forest in December 2015 came as a rude shock. Nobody thought Nigeria had the capacity to attain such a feat in so short a time. Clearly they realized how much they underestimated Nigeria’s military might. But never again will they make such mistakes. So began the quick construction of 5 surveillance drone bases in every country surrounding Nigeria. Through these elite surveillance bases they can gain an understanding of Nigeria’s actual military strength, strategies and the modernization of Nigeria;s military efforts.

Sad thing is that Boko Haram could have been wiped out in less than two weeks with the incredible array of assets in the region. This was why despite the initial apprehension, these drone bases actually gave hope. But make no mistake, if there is benefit to be obtained by partnering with the West, then the staging of drone bases is a good thing. But of this is coming from a country like France that Nigeria is likely to target as a threat, then counter-measures should be researched and defensive preparations firmed up.

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